David L. Jamison
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Couple Communication Quiz

Step 1. Mark each item twice: select your partner's typical communication score; second, select the behavior you wish for: The difference between typical and wish for is a communication gap.

When you are with your partner, how often does he or she: (1 = Seldom, 6 = Often)

  Typical Wish For Gap
1. Speak for you, put words into your mouth?
2. Share feelings?
3. Interrupt you to take over the conversation?
4. Acknowledge your concerns?
5. Avoid issues?
6. Force decisions on you?
7. Understand your point of view?
8. Join in resolving issues together?
9. Discuss, but leave issues unresolved?
10. Carry on pleasant, fun conversation?
11. Argue and fight?
12. Send clear, straightforward messages?
Total Gap Score: